“Courage Under Fire”

From the moment we are born the burden of survival is given to us and our life’s journey for better or worse, forever how long or short begins. Each of us bequeathed with our very own unique mental and physical characteristic specifically designed for our individual lives. Personalized gifts bestowed only to us, innate gifts which are in tone to our “Higher-Selves” our binary code programmed for and with specifically concise instructions to intrinsically aid in assisting us through our physical experience here on Earth; but now the struggle to preserve these powerful personalized gifts is at hand and holding on to these powerful rare intrinsic gifts will prove to be in no uncertain terms a daunting life long battle with an adversary relentless in it’s pursuit for the use and “ANHILITAION” AND “usurpation” of these unique gifts. An adversary with an incessant appetite, and objective to devour the individuals human spirit by diminishing the importance of our “Higher-Selves” through methods of interference by straining and fraying the connections that binds us to the ‘UNIVERSE’ and  also our ‘PURPOSE’. An adversary with a menacing but, yet subtle and covert presence stalking, searching and planning for it’s prey like a majestic lion on the African plains of the Serengeti. An adversary which endorses an ancient zeitgeist of mass delusion and control through an antagonism which pervades the psyche through our social enviroment challenging our individualism  daring us to be brave or couragous. A pathology constructed on seducing the proletariate into mass delusion with gimmicks of fallacious fetter. A tyrannical despotism which flaunts its arrogance in plain sight and which is unapologetic in it’s dealings. So now the question becomes, how do we absolve our selves from this dilemma? Rene Descartes “Cogito ergo sum” – “I think therefore I am” could possible be a starting point. We must ask ourselves are we truly happy with the person we have become and or becoming becasue of our empirical experiences as well as from the information that has been conveyed to us throughout our lives. We must always be critical thinkers in questioning the plausibility of every societal notion, concept, ideology, religion and philosophy that has become known and accepted as absolutism and which is looked upon as conventional wisdom. The pronoun “I” in this time honored quote represents “you”,”me” and “we”. We are the subject matter and so we all have a great personal resposibility that has been given to each of us. That resposibility should never be abdicated to anyone or anything, because we should always be the Directors and Protagonist in our lives creating and sculturing our own realities based on our own personal experiences and observations and study. It’s time for a paradigm shift and it starts with you. “Now let us walk the Earth unabated with Honesty being our light, Courage as our shield and Wisdom as our guide” Casey Terry.